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During her (earlier) puppy stage, Eska was quick to learn the “paw” command, especially as it usually meant that getting it right involved a treat of some sorts.

What Eska has struggled with though, was the ability to raise a paw from a distance. If I said “paw” while standing in front of her, she would offer it right away but if I was outside of paw-range then Eska would simply give me a rather confused look.

After much perseverance though, I’m pleased to say that Eska can now raise a paw from any distance:


She seems to have learned now that “paw” means raise your paw in the air, rather than “you must shake my hand” :)

Random photos from April 2014

Some photos taken during April 2014 which don’t fit a particular category.

Watching me working in the garden:

2014.04.12.Watching me work in the front garden


What’s that down there?!

2014.04.15.Whats that down there

Smile for the camera :)

2014.04.18.At the flashes 2

Come on dad, hurry up!!

2014.04.18.Come on dad

Eska’s security blanket – An old towel – she loves it so much ♥

2014.04.22.Security blanket