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When Bella came to play

As you’ve no doubt picked up on by now, Eska is an enormously friendly dog who gets on with just about every one and every thing.

A friend of mine came to visit today and he brought along his (equally-as-bonkers-as-Eska) nine month old Boxer puppy, Bella.

Well these two just hit it off instantly and despite the crazy heat that evening, they played, and they played, then they played some more until the pair of them could barely stand up!

Bella is a strong dog so Eska was able to have a proper rough and tumble – some of the dogs we meet while we’re out are a bit delicate and Eska has to play gently with them, she can’t go trampling all over them like she can with big dogs. Bella just thought this was great fun.

I’ll let the photos tell the story and there’s a video at the very end too :)

2014.07.11.Playing with Bella 4

2014.07.11.Playing with Bella 1

2014.07.11.Playing with Bella 2

2014.07.11.Playing with Bella 5

2014.07.11.Playing with Bella 6

2014.07.11.Playing with Bella 7

2014.07.11.Playing with Bella 8

2014.07.11.Playing with Bella 11

2014.07.11.Playing with Bella 12

2014.07.11.Playing with Bella 14

Ok, time-out.

It was time to try and get these two to have a rest for five minutes and re-hydrate.

2014.07.11.Playing with Bella 15

The five minute break only lasted about 30 seconds though!

2014.07.11.Playing with Bella 16

2014.07.11.Playing with Bella 18

2014.07.11.Playing with Bella 21

I think Eska and Bella are going to be very good friends.

2014.07.11.Playing with Bella 20

And after a couple of hours running round like only puppies can, they both finally stopped for a well earned rest :)

2014.07.11.Playing with Bella 23

And now, five minutes of two crazy puppies running rings round each other!

Hopefully it won’t be too long before Bella comes round to play again :D

DNA Profile

I recently had a DNA profile performed on Eska by a company called Animal DNA Diagnostics who are based in Cambridge.

DNA profiling can:

• Identify potential breeding stock carrying specific recessive inherited diseases
• Definitively diagnose animals suspected of suffering from a specific inherited disease
• Identify animals which carry hidden trait genes, such as coat colour or hair type
• Perform parentage verification for family groups, where this is in doubt
• Perform parentage verification for breed registries

The process is quite straight forward to perform, they post you out a sample-collecting kit:

DNA Profile - The kit

You then take the kit to your vet who swabbed the inside of Eska’s cheek to collect skin cells. The vet also stamps the relevant paperwork to confirm Eska is who she says she is and that her microchip number and KC registration numbers are correct.

The samples then get sent off to a laboratory and the results come back via email and hard copy in the post.

The results, while I don’t claim to fully understand them, certainly look impressive!

DNA Profile - Sweet Reflection

And the actual DNA profile itself:

DNA Profile - Section A

DNA Profile - Section B

DNA Profile - Section C

DNA Profile - Section D

Please don’t clone Eska using this data :)